Intercooler kit from evilempire

Morning, has any one had experience with the kit at evilempire

I’m looking at potentially buying this kit for my gto mk1, it does mention about mk1front bumper and the 6 speed box

Was also looking at the cxracing one, there us based. might be little cheaper if I can get the kit back on flight home

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I’m the same as you, both my intercoolers are ruined, most of the fins have just crumbled away.

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You can get the stock intercoolers- re-cored see these I had done:

Any intercoolers/ radiator place should be able to do it and is cheaper than a front mount.


Who did it for you? I did get couple quotes before and they where ridiculous!! Was cheaper to buy intercooler kit, how much did it set you back

I think it was around £400 pounds- which I thought was expensive but considering a front mount was around £700 and then the pain to fit - mines a 6 speed.

Hartlepool radiators - as it says they can do your stock oil cooler as well.

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