Instrument cluster and center 3 gauge lights

Looking to replace the dim bulbs on cluster and center three gauges. I can remove the cluster to replace but do I have to remove the dash to change the center three gauge lights? Seems a bit work-intensive for a bulb change. Did anyone find a way that doesn’t involve pulling the dash?

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I changed the faces to white in my car without removing the dash but get ready for skint knuckles and swear words you never knew existed. Seriously though it can be done by removing the glove box and a couple of other bits but it is a bitch to do. The unit will come out but be careful as you have to try it 100 different ways. I believe there’s a you tube video that is pretty good. Good luck.

Thanks Spursman. I find it odd that Mitsubishi didn’t think of that when they built it. There must be at least 100 mechanics giving Mitsubishi the squint eye. Setting my swear word app to full on. Thanks again.

Hey Pete,
I want to change mine too so could you let me know how you get on and Any tips and I’ll give mine a go too good luck :+1:

I’ll def do that. Just waiting for the led bulbs to arrive.

That will be great thanks Pete looking forward seeing how it all turns out too
Darren :+1:

OK, got the LED bulbs, installed in cluster, low fuel light illuminated and would not go out. Reinstalled original bulbs and light went out. It seems the LED bulbs play havoc with my car. I did research on the web and found others with the same issue. Mine is a 1993 SL. I’m not sure if it’s a USA thing but for now I’ll just keep the old ones in. I may try new OEM bulbs to see if it’s any brighter. I did remove the glove box but time constraints kept me from replacing the bulbs. Big hands also do not help.

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also the LED bulbs are polarity sensitive. If they don’t work try turning 180 degrees.

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Hi Pete
Thanks well worth knowing I think I will do a bit of research and differences in bulbs thanks for all the detailed info If I find anything out I will drop you a message and keep you posted