Inner Bezel for Pop Up lights

Hey guys, I followed one of Joe’s videos and removed the complete pop up light assembly to clean and grease, Unfortunately I found this bezel part badly rusted on two of the corners. I’ve searched online and I can only find the entire assembly for sale when I only need this bezel in picture, the other picture shows where it fits into. If you have a pair or know where I could pick them up would be greatly appreciated, Otherwise i’ll have to find out just how bad my new learned welding skills really are. Thanks

OMG. Maybe I have been lucky with all of my cars. I have never seen so much rust in this area before. I think you would be lucky just to get the odd bits. Will probably be complete units but you never know.

I think I may have a couple from the Hella Lights I purchased, I’ll have a look ASAP and let you know.

Thanks Marlowboy, that would be great if you had,

Found these, surface rust and brown screws will need drilling out…….how unusual! Any good to you?

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Ahh brilliant, yes they’re in much better shape than mine, i’ll PM you to go forward.