Injector retaining clips

Does anyone have any spare of the spring steel injector retaining clips by any chance?

Many thanks in advance!!

I need 4 of them if yo

u have.

Get some big staples, should do the trick

Thanks Ian, I’ve seen those but were hoping to get some from over this side of the pond.

Ah didnt notice your location sorry.

Got one all the rest on my loom are missing. Will post if any use.

Greena28 that would be great thanks. I’ll drop you a message.

That would get my rear bank secured and I can order some from over the pond for the front and fit them at a later date if I need too if no one else has any spare.

No bother Ian, I’ve ordered all of my parts for the engine from your side of the pond from Rockauto. It’ll just take a while to come and I’m about ready to drop the lump back in now.

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