Important When Having To Bleed Brakes

Maybe some people know this but I did not. After replacing my brakes, rotors and front calipers I needed to bleed my brakes. I got my 17 year old daughter to help me pump the brakes till firm working my way from the farthest caliper to the closest caliper near the brake reservoir. I started the car and pulled out of my garage then tried stopping to find out I had no brakes. Repeated the process and the same thing. Called the Mitsubishi shop to ask what’s going on and I was told our cars need to be running when bleeding the brakes. Not sure about the VR4, but the SL version needs to be running while using any bleeding technique… FYI


Hi, I haven’t encountered this problem with my car so maybe the sl is different.

I have Sl but never had this problem.


Hey buddy

That’s so useful to know the diagram is a massive help I’d not heard or knew of this before

I don’t want to give out bad information. I’ve been bleeding brakes for 30 yrs with a hose submerged in bottle 1/4 filled with fluid or helper and always had the car off. After calling the Mitsubishi dealership they called back and said the mechanic checked and said to run the engine. All I know is it worked.

Thanks Spiros…I take it that diagram is from the manual, I know I inverted step 3 with step 2. The service department never told me the order, I just did it the old fashion way.

Very good forum Joe…I won’t hesitate asking questions.

There are some great people on here and that’s what makes it so good. None of us know everything but between us, we get things sorted.

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Yes says in my workshop book to run engine when bleeding