I want your faulty, broken and old parts

Hi everyone
I am looking for your old faulty parts. It’s true, I will pay for your old, broken and faulty parts such as door cards, electronic struts, climate displays, ECU’s, ETACs, snake eyes, fog lights and ECS control boxes.
Let me know what you have and what you want for them. Due to the cost of shipping, this offer is only open to UK citizens at the moment.


@joe90 i have an antenna

How much are you looking for and is it working mate?

the only thing wrong with it is the antenna will not go up and how about 20

HI Rex
I don’t think I would be interested in this one mate. The problem with the antennas is the high cost of repair verses the second hand value. They usually go for around £50 fully working. If I pay £20 + £10 shipping and £79 for a new rod, I will be £59 out of pocket.
Please don’t throw it out though. If demand and value goes up in the future, you may well get a good price for it.
I appreciate you letting me know.

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ok or would you want it for the cost of postage

I would mate but that would be unfair on you.

no problem but thanks

Hi Joe, just to let you know I came across this ad in case you or anyone is interested. he’s selling an Engine 6G72 non-turbo and Auto gearbox for just €150 euro. The only catch is that he is in Galway.

Thanks mate. If he was just down the road I would definitely be up for that but once you add in the ferry, fuel, hotel and time off work, it comes to about £700 and they are worth about £500 if in good working order.
I really appreciate the info though.
Might be worth mentioning on the forum.

Hi Joe, big fan of your YouTube channel, I’m restoring/modifying my 1991 TT GTO so il have OEM parts coming of and aftermarket going on.

I’ve got a full set of standard struts, no oil leaks in good condition!

Also the boot window shroud

I also have a second MK2 TT engine that I’m going to rebuild so I was wondering if exchanging is something you would be open to?



Hi Sam
I am always open to exchange, what did you have in mind?
On the subject of the struts. Would you be better off selling them as working units on the forum? I will only be stripping and refurbishing then so I usually buy the scrap ones that people are throwing away. There isn’t much point in me paying second hand working price and then spending another £100 per strut to refurbish. Let me know what you are thinking and we can go from there. My number /WhatsApp is 07846976691
Regards Joe

Hello my friend! I just changed out my Stock radio. It’s an Infinity CD and Cassette player. I am happy to donate it to you as thank you for all of your hard work on these videos! It still works. It will be missing the mounting brackets and two of the 6 screws because I needed them to mount the new radio. just let me know where to send it and I’ll be happy to send it to you! Cheers! And again, thanks for all you do! I really appreciate it.

Replied by PM.
Thanks for the offer.

I replaced the spring on my 91 VR4 a couple of years ago (I lowered the car with the intent of keeping the ECS). The car had 16k miles in it.
Located in USA,WA but I have access to very discounted international shipping through amazon. I also have some trim pieces that have broken tabs for the active exhaust button.
If you pay for shipping I’ll send them for free.
And If you have 2 rear half shafts with the rubber boots in good shape I will buy those from you.

Hi David
Thanks for making contact. I am interested in doing some sort of deal and I have a couple of spare shafts with good boots. The problem is always going to be the shipping cost. The shipping companies in the UK have used every possible excuse to put up the cost. First it was fuel costs then covid and now brexit. The cost of shipping two shafts to the states would be more than the value of the shafts. How much would it cost to send the parts that you have to me? By the way, I have plenty of interior panels apart from door cards.
If you have WhatsApp, my number is +44 7846976691

Hi David
I have not heard back from you. Are you still interested in a deal?
Do you have all 4 shocks?