I polished my sail panels (fake windows)

I discovered a while back that the black part of the sail panels was originally glossy. Mine is very much not glossy:

I fixed it!

Here’s another before/after from a distance:

It matches my tinted windows quite well now :slight_smile:

I used Novus plastic polish:

And a couple foam polishing pads with a drill motor:

You can buy a nice kit that includes the 2 bottles I used, plus a “#3” bottle of heavy scratch remover, plus a few special applicator/polishing cloths for hand-polishing.

I played it safe and didn’t use the #3 heavy scratch remover this time to see what results I could get with minimal aggressiveness.

Basic steps:

  1. Tape off around the edges of the panel with painter’s masking tape to protect trim/paint/rubber next to the panel.
  2. Clean the panel with bottle #1 to remove any dirt/dust before polishing.
  3. Polish with #2 fine scratch remover.
  4. Buff clean with a microfiber cloth.
  5. Repeat previous 2 steps a few times until you’re no longer seeing improvements (I think I did 3-4 rounds of polishing).
  6. Clean and buff again with bottle #1.

If there’s still some scratches or areas of non-gloss remaining, then using the #3 heavy scratch remover may improve things more. Same basic steps with bottle #3, then repeat steps again with bottle #2 to remove fine scratches introduced by the more abrasive #3.

I started with using #2 only for polishing to see if I get good enough results with minimal removal of material. It’s a huge improvement already, but there are still some less-glossy areas and light scratches visible when looking at it in person. Next time I’m bored and weather is good, I’ll probably try again with the #3 heavy scratch remover.


Good job mate, looks great :+1:

Great tip, great results. Mine needs the same treatment, so I’ll be spiffing mine up here once I find my round Tuit.

That is great! Good job! Now I’m going to do this!