How to take off vacuum hoses (those marked in picture)

Hello Folks…
I was just about to start replacing my spark plugs, but I instantly smacked my head against the wall, because I simply cannot get any of these vacuum hoses that I marked with red off, and I would like to know if anybody knows a really handy trick to get them off without breaking them.

Another question is, do they have to come off, or is it possible to loosen the manifold and somehow get enough room to get in there (I really doubt there is)


To do the rear plugs you don’t need to separate the plenum from the throttle body. So you can leave all that pipe work in place. You can just lift the unit out of the way to access the plugs

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I agree with James. Don’t make extra work for yourself. The competition winner requested this video and it is booked in for next Sunday. You may want to wait for it.


YES!!! I will deffo wait for it… Thanks Joe :heart_eyes:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Twist them and you’ll break the seal from age, pry with a screw driver, it will be a easier to take them off from the organizer bracket thing that the plenum, I removed mine yesterday

I changed the spark plugs last month. It took a loooooooong time. I gently twisted and twisted and twisted with pliers and eventually all those hoses came off. I cleaned the throttle body, egr, and map sensor while I was in there. Just be gentle. If they break, hoses are cheap.