How to remove AC compressor pulley/clutch?

Hey all!

So I , stupidly dropped a bolt into my AC compressor and cannot get it out, so I need to strip it down to remove it. (i’ve tried the shaking and moving it around to no avail)

however, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pulley/clutch off?

the car is a 1992 GTO twin turbo (jap import)

is it the 6 rib bolt on pulley? see pics

if so, your lucky day. i have been taking these out on a bunch of compressors to get my ta/c to work. i can send pics and details as how to get it off. is compressor on car or do you have it out? i can show both ways.

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below is clutch taken about in order of assembly.

The first thing is the remove the pulley cover by taking the six 8mm screws off. the pulley cover is on tight but not pressed on. so you can rock it off (it will take a while but it will move) or will need a 2 or 3 jaw gear pulley to help it off.

pulley cover  8mm bolt

Next is to remove the 14mm retaining nut holding the clutch plate. Usually you can take a torque gun to pop it loose, but this will cause the compressor to spin (the clutch plate is pressed on to the spines on the spindle) and you could damage the insides - especially since you have a foreign object inside… so you will have to either use a clutch tool or vise to hold the clutch plat still. the ac clutch tool can work but I had to modify mine so the 3 prongs would fit and allow the socket thru.

after nut remove, use 2 or 3 jaw pull to remove clutch plate.

it’s a tight small lip to grab hold so you may have slightly and carefully pry to from the clutch. Once you are able to remove plate, it gets easier.
NOTE - make sure to locate and find the two small washers in between plate and clutch. not sure why they are needed but guess some engineer decided that hey had to be there.

to remove clutch - remove snap ring. clutch is definitely pressed on so you will need jaw gear pulley to remove.

after clutch is energized magnet and it also has snap ring and is pressed on,

done. if any questions let me know.

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forgot to show pic of compressor when everything removed:
Compressor spindle


Thank you very much for the reply!

It’s highly appreciated!

Managed to get it off