How to properly Bleed a GTO Clutch System?

About to change my Slave Cylinder in my 97 GTO MR. Can someone tell me how this over complicated clutch hydraulic system works, why are there 3 bleed valves? Is there some special method to bleed it properly?

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

2 man job. never let the master cylinder empty out ie make sure someone is topping it up as you are bleeding. The release cylinder (slave cylinder) should have its own bleed valve. Use the same method as you would bleed your brakes. One person on the clutch pedal and one with a spanner on the bleed valve opening and closing at the correct time to draw fluid into the lines and bleed air out.

I would imagine the master cylinder has its own bleeder as will the booster and the slave valves , hence 3 bleeders

i would say bleed slave then the two dampers …how i did it

Thanks for the reply, will do :+1: