How much is my GTO worth?

Unfortunately the pandemic has began to affect me financially and I am considering letting my GTO go. :frowning:

How much do you guys reckon it’s worth? It’s a 1992 twin turbo manual on 80000 miles and history.

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Sorry to see that you are thinking of selling. I am sure you will regret it. I think that these cars have been under valued for far too long. Right now the prices are finally starting to increase rapidly. A accurate price is always difficult to say without seeing the car but if it is rust free and well maintained, I personally think that the minimum price should be 8k and then goes up to 20k depending on the the detail of the car. Some people will have a different opinion but if we keep under pricing the cars based on yesterday’s value, the price in the UK will remain the lowest prices in the world. Just look at what they are selling for in the rest of the world. I have seen good examples sell for as much as 64k in a number of countries.


Hi, that is a big shame as she looks really nice car, should get good price. Good luck

i put so much effort on her but this epidemic is crippling me :frowning:

I bought my 91 vr4 with 90,000 miles for $4500 in 2016. A friend of mine sold his 96 vr4 with 260,000 miles for $20,000 several months ago. I’m sure you’re can easily sell for around $6,000 if your wanting to sell quick, if your patient, you could get far more if the right buyer comes along. Where is your car?

Why da heck is a 96 with that amount of milage going for that crazy amount much more money then your 91??

He found the right person to sell it to.

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The cheapest 3000gt vr4 that is on the market where I am from is currently listed at $21700 and that is a 96 model… There is a 91 vr4 also which has an asking price of $43486 …
These cars are starting to get some good value here in the danish market

Norway is picking up also…

I checked out and and vr4’s with simular mileage as mine, all firs generation, are selling between $8000 and $12,000 in California, U.S.

How much are you going to sell it for?

Here in the US, I see VR4’s from 1991 going for $17,000+ depending on mileage and condition. If you can wait, you can get a good price for it just judging from the picture. I believe we can get good money for our cars, but you have to get the right buyer. Good Luck!

I wouldn’t sell mine for less than 17k

Well my friends I just might be the luckiest guy on earth since I picked up my 91 VR4 back in 2015 in a full mint stock condition with 75K miles for $1500 cash, but it has tranny issue and got that fixed for $1000.


Happy days, what was the transmission problem?

Torn splines on the input shaft