How much is a NA manual transmission?

I’m going to do a manual mission swap right now.
Automatic of the current NA engine, the '1993 GTO

I know that the manual transmission of the 3000GT only has up to 5 gears, is that correct?
And I wonder if the twin-turbo engine’s transmission can be used for the NA engine.
Can I just get the mission and change it when manuall swap?
What do I need to purchase additionally?


This is a much bigger task than you think.
You can use any transmission including the 6 speed. That’s the easy part discussed.
you will also need to change part of the wiring loom, gear shift linkage and cables, clutch, clutch dust cover, possible starter motor, ECU, possibly the display, clutch pedal assy, clutch servo unit, center console and gator and that’s just a quick re-cap off the top of my head. I am sure there was a few other bits so be prepared.

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hopefully this helps, lots of information here.

There is no need to change the ECU. They are the same for manuals and automatics. The center console is also the same. You’d need the trim ring and shift boot from a manual though.

Putting a TT 6 speed, or even the TT 5 speed in a NA is going to make it slower. The much taller gearing will make the NA take off like a dog.

Quick list off the top of my head.

passenger axle
intermediate shaft
manual trans clutch/brake pedal assembly
clutch master cylinder
slave cylinder
clutch lines
manual shifter and cables
to make life easier you should swap in a engine/ecu harness from a manual, but you can modify the auto harness to make it work

You also need to drill and modify the firewall for mounting the master cylinder

100% honesty, with how you framed the question, it sounds like you are not prepared for this nor do you have the skills to do it.

Thank you for your kindness. I can’t do professional repairs myself, but I’m going to buy parts and ask a mechanic to do it. My older brother fixes cars quite professionally. Have a good day! :slight_smile:

appreciate for your support
Thank you

Thanks for your help as always Joe.
Thanks for checking out the list

I think it’ll be more cost efficient for you to purchase another car that has a manual transmission. Parts and mechanics labor on these cars make it not worth the swap. Just having a mechanic do a clutch change will cost around $1200 because of how many things need to be removed to get the transmission and flywheel removed. Unless your capable of doing the swap yourself, it’ll cost you roughly the same amount of money as you’d spend buying a VR4 or stealth rt/tt.

You can always take your car to your mechanic and ask him his opinion on the swap and how much he’ll charge for it. Your parts will cost around $3500 to $6500 depending on where you source them. If you decide to go through with it, I have a lightweight flywheel I’m selling with a 6 puck performance clutch i decided not to install when my car went from a weekend hot ride to a daily driver. I’m asking $300 for both of them.

Good luck!

If you do it , can I have your torque converter please?