How do you jack up your car

How does everyone Jack up their car to be on 4 jack stands, my jack points are a bit rusty (next thing on the list after mot) and can only seem to get it up so the wheels just come off

What points do you tend to Jack from and where do you mount the jack stands

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Thanks for the link Spiros. This definitely shows what people should know. I have had severe damage done to my car because some @f/u&c#k at the mot center jacked from the floor pan and caved the floor in. If the sills will not take the weight, you have serious rot issues inside. I will be discussing this problem in part 2 of water leaks. Always remember to use thick rubber or wood blocks between jack and jacking point to avoid scratches and dents that will lead to rust.


Using a trolley jack is easier as you can get it further under the chassis and lift against part of the subframe.

If you’re just using an emergency jack then you’re at the liberty of the jack point edge that runs under the sill of the car. The one on my GTO is all bent/twisted so as part of my sideskirt removal I’m hoping to tidy them back up but don’t plan on using it as a jack point.

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Just after installing 2post lift and at the start was very apprehensive of using the Jack points but mine all looked pretty good so took a chance and after many lifts there is no problem. Just had to make 4 wooden blocks and cut a slot in them.

I reckon a previous owner has used a flat trolley jack and lifted at various point of the jacking edge as it was bent over in places. To remove the skirts I’ve had to bend it back as best I can to get access to the bolts.

Haven’t had an issue with the floor crumpling which is good but I think if you don’t use something with a slot in it on the edge then that bends with the weight of the car once lifted.

Rubber jack pad


My sills weren’t too bad. Bent a bit here and there but its amazing what you can do with a heat gun and a good pair of grips.


If lifting with a 2 post lift use wood and go on the sills.
tbh if the car doesn’t like it there was an issue that needed attention.
I would never ever let someone use a single trolley jack to lift my car on a sill!
I have seen what damage bent sills can do.
These are drains, and when bent over dirt gets pulled in and builds up. Add water to that and it sits there until the rust eats it a hole out.
Later cars had a hole placed in the wheel arch, covered by a Mitsubishi rubber. remove this and you can send in a camera probe.
The sills are ribbed and can get destroyed all the way along in these sections.
It is so important to watch these sills are not bent over.
Also run water on your cars, rear, centre and front every now and again to check none are blocked.
When doing any underbody restoration, use cavity wax ect but be so carefull not to block them drains as it drips out.
A few toothpicks should see you right.


Using wood between the jack and car is a good tip! That’s why I love your videos joe! I wish I had read this before I jacked up my car :joy: I’ll go paint the scratches tomorrow so it doesn’t start rusting.