Hood insulation

Well after a long wait my part finally arrived. I’ve been wanting to get this replaced since I first got the car. I had to wait on Mitsubishi to have a new shipment come in from japan, and then It had to make it to the dealership near me. It was only a 100 bucks but I think it’s money well spent with how mine is falling apart.


looks clean, how much it cost?

Tax and all $112. It wasn’t as bad as I thought as I didn’t have to pay shipping. I ordered it through the local dealership and picked it up there

I cannot believe that you actually got hold of one of those parts from Mitsubishi itself… Whenever I ask for just about anything, I just get the answer: That item is no longer in stock :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yeah I just called and said hey I’m looking for a part for an older 3000gt. I have a stealth but obviously the same. He said that there was a large shipment received in New York and there were some left. I’d call.