Hola, nuevo miembro desde España

Hola muy buenas, soy de España y tengo un 3k gt vr4 y me gustaría tener videos sobre el mantenimiento de ese coche (como por ejemplo el cambio de aceite de motor y transmisión, cambio del líquido de frenos, etc…) soy bastante joven con poca experiencia tratándose de un coche de 30 años y por eso no quiero hacer nada sin saber, porque espero que dure
Muchas gracias a todos.

Or in English it’s
Hello, very good friends, I am from Spain and I have a 3k gt vr4 and I would like to have videos about the maintenance of that car (such as changing the engine and transmission oil, changing the brake fluid, etc …) I am quite young with little experience in the case of a 30-year-old car and that’s why I don’t want to do anything without knowing, because I hope it lasts
Thank you very much to all.

There are some great Videos on You Tube which I think are available in Spain!


Oh thank you sir, sorry my english not very well.
Can you send links to the videos for me? I search information but i didnt found nothing.
Thank you for compresión to me

On YouTube go to 3000/gto restoration

Hope that helps!

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Thank you sir i search in youtube