Hi here is my na mk1 gto

Hello I picked up this gto as a project car needing work I have sorted most bits, but I need help with possibly my ecu repaired and my climate control. If anyone can shed light on help I’d be very grateful. Thanks michelle


Hi and welcome, I love a white gto. As for your 2 problems Joe from this forum will be able to help I’m sure.

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Hi Michelle
The car looks fantastic.
I can help with both problems. Which country are you in? It looks like a UK plate but I can’t be sure. Would you like to text, call or whatsapp and we can get you sorted.
+44 7846976691

Yeah I’m in the UK thank you I will give you a message.

Well got some welding done on her yesterday, one hole welded one to go.

Big thank you to joe for looking at my climate control and ecu on my Gto, would definitely reccomend him


Cars changed a bit from first post, lost the bodykit, and now have her running better, also treated myself to a datalogger from handheldhalo. Only played with it a bit so far. Few other niggles to do then I can start looking for better wheels and engine bling.