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Very nice! Did you have 3sx build the motor or did you build yourself? What it cost? I’m thinking about completely rebuilding my motor soon.

Hi, no I did everything myself starting with a full engine disassembly and bare block, the only thing I had done by a local machine shop was to resurface the heads and block.

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Did you add any performance upgrades or go all stock specs? How much did it cost you in parts?

Have you seen the videos on my YT Channel?

As far as the cost, if this is a DIY project for you, yes you can save tons of money but just have to know what you are doing and it is all a step by step procedure and can take time, it took me almost 3 years but then again I did other things. Must have an indoor garage, unlike me, special tools, manuals, a hoist, engine stand, compressor, and obviously the passion to do it. But most importantly it is the condition of your block and heads and you start from there and then you decide what you want going fully stock or fully aftermarket.

Just looked it up. I do have a shop that I’m currently working on a firebird in at the moment. Also have most of the tools I need to do an engine build. I just don’t know what kind of realistic budget to allow for a complete rebuild. I’m going to want to build a 500 hp motor when I finally get around to pulling the motor out.

You can achieve that with all stock internals, just simply throw in some bigger turbos, bigger injectors and a tune using a aftermarket ECU like most people do and there you go got yourself the HP’s you want. Not much money needed for that except finding a good used aftermarket ECU for the tune, new ones like AEM series II will go for over a grand. And perhaps a few minor upgrades for the fuel system. There is a bunch of you tube videos for what I mentioned and many forums discussing what I have just mentioned above… is a good place to start.

Hi all the covers are now available to those who are interested
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