Help with Fuel pump resistor pack

Hi all . Ok so its been some time i know but i thought i best fix my GTO fuel pump realy issue . many of you might have read i have my on a " Hotwire to pump from battery via switch and fuse "
only as i needed it to run . so i pulled my realy out under the air filter ( which i will replace with a new one ) and have pulled the resistor pack out the check values ( I am electrical service Tech so have a good multi meter ) anyways the value on the side says 0.73 Ohms on testing it was reading 0.4 which is out , but is it ok or not ok ?
any help would be great has someone got values that are ok and not ok ?

That reading will be fine. The difference is so small that it will not make any difference and could be down to age of resistor, dirty test point or connector, wires, temperature, meter leads or accuracy of meter. This would not be the source of your fault with that reading.

OK cool i use my meter everyday so its not that . so might just be realy issue

So i have a update .
Re done the realy and car is back running as it should be from stock . 9.6 vdc on pump at tick over.