Hello new here!


Thanks for letting me join! Here are my babies. 91 VR4 and 93 SL that i daily drive. Been around these cars for over 10 years now.


Hi Adrian
Welcome to the forum. The cars look stunning. I love to see that some people have the same passion as me for these cars.


That looks like a 99 with a suped up hood and a lip spoiler. Very neat! The red is just vibrant. Nice choice of color! It really catches the eye!!


Welcome along, fantastic looking motors.


Thank you Joe! And again thanks for making all those how too vids. I would be stuck in some repairs if it wasnt for your vids lol

@GoldWolf I appreciate it! Wish it was a different color to be honest because Mitsubishi made a ton of red 3S’s lol. But can’t complain because its relativity clean.

@Spursman Thanks!

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About time Adrian! Lol. Joe is the man and his videos have inspired me to get off my ass and get to work on my 91 VR4 finally. Since we are both fans of these cars as well as craft beer, I hope we can get together and do some wrenching soon. Maybe we could start a youtube channel of our own, Cruise n Brews? :slight_smile:


haha hey fancy meeting you here! Man Id be too down for that!

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