Hello from Md. U.S.A

It took me a little time Joe, but since you asked, here are my photos of my 261,628 mile 1994 Dodge Stealth RT.

The last photo is just for those that ride 2 Wheelers also. Lol


Good heavens! For 1/4 million miles that thing looks tip-top inside and out! My '92 had 140,000 miles on it and the engine compartment looked nothing like yours. Love the new wires and hoses all 'round.

Thanks Longrower, it was a challenge for sure. I have done a few more mods since I last posted photos.!

Not sure how this looks to others, but it is growing on me.


Looks fantastic! I like it… you’ve apparently found decals somewhere. Custom?

Thanks, no not decals. Found paint pens at “Michaels Craft Store” and the rims were done with “SuperWrap” rattle cans.

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