Hello from hong kong~

hello from hong kong. imported a facelifted 2nd gen(?) gto mr from japan myself. car runs alright but tiny problems here and there. working on it now, slowly. hope in 3-4 months’ time can actually take him out for morning drives or something~ XD



Welcome. And love to see original wheels on your car. Don’t get to see that very much.

Hello Mendel
Welcome to the forum. Nice looking car. Hope to see you in Hong Kong some time in the future if the travel restrictions ever end. I love Hong Kong and always visit when I am in the Far East. I normally stay in Kowloon. Do you live anywhere near?

those are stock wheels off an evo x. was planning to put them on another mitsubishi of mine but i got lucky and got the optional bbs wheels. i think they also look nice on the gto~

thank you mr joe. and yes i live in kowloon. hong kong is a small city so everyone is no more than 2 hours away from everyone else~

not sure if anyone will be interested. but i will try and post some photos of what ive done with the car, very very slowly. please bear with my poor mechanical skills though (and my poor english too)~

very first thing i did, was to remove the aftermarket hid bulbs and ballasts which will definitely fail the vehicle inspection. put on tungsten bulbs for the time being. will change into led bulbs later~

replaced the small bulbs of the room lamp with led~

replaced the prodrive steering wheel. again this will fail vehicle inspection. bought a momo steering wheel off a wrecked fto. direct fit~

the aribag canceller was taped behind the boss kit~


Hi and welcome, nice motor,they look great in white.

Welcome to the forum.

bought a few new parts to replace the worn out parts:


bought led headlights:


central door lock not working. removed the door card and discovered the previous owner has unplugged the power to the actuator on driver’s side. when re-plugged, the same lock-unlock problem. repaired both actuators per mr joe’s wonderful video~


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How much were those control arms??? And where did you purchase them from??

jpy25000+ each. from amayama.com (not sure if its okay to refer to other web sites here)~

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when the door cards are off, also re-wrap the cushion(?) part into leather~

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That is no problem referring to websites here as it helps us all :slight_smile: