Hello from Durham 😁

Hi there folks.

I’ve owned my GTO for 11 years. Maybe a little longer.
6 months after getting it and after nothing but problems after buying it due to failed ignition coils, bad speedo sender unit, water meth pump failing along with quite a few other things.
The last straw was when I went to change the plugs and found the intake plenum stuck down, I gave it a bat and it came off and shot the bolts and washers into the air and down into the intake area. I hunted around and found all the bolts and washers to match and thought I’d been lucky, finished changing the plugs and started it up to hear the dredded ticking sound of something being in the combustion chamber that had no need to be there.
Stripped it down, removed the washer via a cobbled together vacume unit, checked it was all clear with an endoscope and fired it up. It ran but badly. Checked compression and found I had lost a lot on no6 piston.
I decided to shelve it until I got time to go through it all properly.

That time I decided was when I had no other cars to do.

Well that time is now.
I’ve remodeled 2 4x4 into zombie related vehicles :grin:
Full restore on a friend’s classic mini.
Bodykit and respray on a friend’s rx7. Similar to another friend’s merc rag top.
I’ve finished the better half’s Celica rag top. The daughter and I did her a classic panda which she won’t be driving due to no safety features. She has driven it, just not solo.
Then I’ve done up a little 1.4 mini one for her.
Now it’s time for mine :roll_eyes:

So far I’ve pulled the engine and box out.
The box needed a new 1st / 2nd selector fork and is still being worked on at a local gearbox place.

I was lucky with the engine. Some pitting on the head and wiped out a piston. No valve damage!!
A local firm polish the bores, fitted my new pistons and rings and skimmed the head then pressure and vacume tested them.
Now I’m in the process of rebuilding.

Small. Into over hahaha


Well yesterday I got some more done to the engine.
Spent 12 hours on it, took a while due to cleaning or painting stuff.
It’s that thing where when you look at it and think “That bugger ain’t going back looking like THAT!!” HAHAHA
The head refit got my head scratching though.
Kept reading it and thinking it can’t just have one torque setting!! I know it says back the bolts off then re tighten but I didn’t fancy going from finger tight to 130nm in one pull!! So I did 75nm, then 100nm then 125nm, slacken off 90 degrees then back up to 130nm. Likely excessive but just seemed right.

Thought the pics might help someone in future. Oh and to show off lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That engine is looking sweet, well done. Do I detect a dent in the sump on the second photo?

No dints in it, likely just a reflection.

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Cracking job. Nice one. Looks like new

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Looks like you put the thermostat wrong!
The jiggle pin on thermostat should be upwards, but yours is downwards…

vr-4fan your right I have, well bugger!!

Thanks for the heads up, getting rid of air will be easier with it the correct way won’t it!!

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Really nice job. You saved me from doing the engine rebuild video. :joy::joy::joy:

Now come on Joe.
You know you really want to do one!!!
While looking yours would be the first!!
No pressure haha