Heated drivers side mirror

Hi I’m looking for a drivers side door heated door mirror anyone know the best place to get a replacement one in the uk mine has decided to crack I watched Joe’s video and it came out with ease

Many thanks


Did You try Rob EE ?

As far as i know, there isn’t a replacement available except from a salvage. All replacements ive been able to find are non heated

Hi buddy
Yeah I’ve tried Rob no joy tho

Thank for your reply I will have to keep my eyes open and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Graham Roberts had lots of different coloured ones when I was up there early last year . Look in his Ebay shop. or if your in Leeds/Sheffield pop along to shop/garage

Complete units that were not that expensive.

I forgot about Graham. I will drop him a call now
Many thanks

Did you manage to get one from graham?

Hi Joe
No Graham didn’t have one unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

It seems that parts are getting harder to find every day. I’ll check my stock and see if I can spare one for you. I was hoping that someone else might have one first.

Yeah it certainly does thanks Joe I really would appreciate it if you do have a spare :crossed_fingers: driving today I was surprising how much I missed it and that I must use it more than I thought I did
Thanks again