Headlight bulb removal

Car is a 1996 base model 3000gt. Just bought some new led bulbs and I was trying to remove the bulb and I could not with all my strength in the world get it to disconnect. Anyone have any ideas on how to get this thing out? I press the click, pull and nothing happens. Its so stuck on there.

It’s been there so long its probably fused itself to the holder. Wiggle and pull hard I guess, should come eventually.

I tried a bit of wd40, pulling as hard as i can. No matter what it wont budge at all. Also that headlight now no longer will turn on. I must have touched the bulb and now it wont work. So I have to figure out how to get these new ones in lol.

i take it you lifted the little tab to unlock the key .
Lift key and use small screw driver to pry connector open . may be some heat like with hair dryer might help . it will soften the plastic

yeah I press down on the clip to lift that tab open. I try prying it open but nothing, that thing is so stuck on there its insane. Ill try again tomorrow hopefully I can get it out.

mmm , ok hope you have some luck. Age of plug

Yeah hopefully i can get it to come off. Everything on my car is original and nothing has ever been touched so i should expect this lol. I wouldnt even care that the thing wont come off except for the fact my low beam for that headlight wont work now. Should of just never touched it lmao

Hi, ian2160
When looking at the bottom picture that you have posted…
Use a screw driver or better a plastic pic to lift the tab.
Place it where the arrow is pointed and pull toward top while trying to wiggle the connector from the bulb.

thanks, i ended up getting it. i stuck a trim tool in there and used some wd40 and just kept wiggling it for like an hour until i got it out lol.

An HOUR, you must be kidding :sleepy:

One more thing.
I don’t know what kind of LED bulbs you are using but when I tried them they weren’t as bright so I went with HID instead and they are really good.

It was so stuck that after I put the new bulbs in, i decided to not even touch the high beams. So currently my high beams are yellowish and my low beams are bright white. But its ok I never use my high beams.