Head light bulbs

We have an imported (USA) 3000gt VR4 1991 and seems diffult to find new headlight bulbs here in Sweden. I suppose they are some kind of standard?

It uses completely normal stock g4 headlight bulbs as the majority of older cars use, so if you cannot find bulbs then it must have been modified into some strange bulbs :thinking:

Ok, thanks. I just looked at the youtube clip where the whole lot was replaced. Still learning this car…,
I guess that the procedure to change the bulb is still the same insane manouver though.

The only way I know of changing the bulbs is by removing the headlight cover which I find seriously annoying as lining it back up with the hood, bumper and fender can be a turd at times…
And not to mention if the screws holding it have started to rust/corrode… If there is some easier way of changing the bulbs, then I hope somebody can describe how.

If I flip them open you can reach the contact from the engine bay, Looks like the pic attached. I suppose the grey rubber sealing should be rotated but I don’t know. Either way you need monkey hands to get there!

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I just replaced the left headlamp on my '93 VR4. Wagner H6545, from Amazon. It’s a process because you need to completely remove the light lid and plastic fairings around the lamp. Good news is that Joe posted a terrific video on exactly how to do this! But yeah, I think the headlamp is pretty standard. The fog light is a Halogen Bulb H3 55W Bullet Terminal, 12V 55 Watt. Got it on ebay. I had to drop the entire foglight to replace the bulb.

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Thank you. Yes I did see the clip. Really helpful!
Just need to get the parts.