Has anyone in UK got faulty active aero?

I am looking for someone in the UK with faulty front active aero and would like it sorted for free (excluding parts).
I have had so many requests for videos that cover the front active aero but I don’t have a faulty one at the moment that will enable me to do a video. This is your chance to have it repaired for free as long as you agree to me making a video on your car, are willing to travel to my house and cover the cost of any faulty parts. Just send my a private message if you are interested.


Me me me meeer :slight_smile:

Where are you Ilka? I will see if we can make this work.

Unfortunately for this, I’m in the US but am eagerly awaiting this video as my front and back are not working at the moment. I’ve seen your video on the rear and will attempt that in the near future.

If both are not working, there is a chance that the problem is the control box.

i believe the front stopped working before the rear, but not sure, the car has been sitting for 6 yrs and I know the rear locked in up position about 12 yrs ago. So will see once I start looking at it. Thanks.

I have intermittent active aero??!!!

Where are you ? Would you be willing to have the repair filmed?

I’m in London but can make it up to you??? Car is running now ?

Are you the same person that has been communicating with me by WhatsApp?

Hi Joe, I took apart my rear active Aero yesterday and found out the motor is fine and running but it’s not turning the gear that should be moving the rear spoiler. Have you ever disassembled that gearing? I couldn’t take the motor off yet because one of the screws is rusted in, I’ll try to do that today to isolate whether the problem is with the worm gear on the end of the motor shaft or the gear that it should be rotating.

There isn’t much to it so a quick visual should quickly show where the problem lies.

well I managed to take it apart but not sure I’ll find the part anywhere… looks like the inner gear got stuck and the worm cut a groove through the teeth. … Screenshot_20210404-172330_Gallery|243x500

This is definitely a job for the 3d printing department… Would be nice if that was a possibility

3d printing would be nice or you could repair it if you have time and patience. It is most likely made from nylon. You can buy nylon welding rod and just re-weld it.

My font and rear dont work but I have the tray at the front in place. Where are you based?

Do you get the error message on the dashboard when you try to force activate the active aero??

That is the first point of troubleshooting to start with why it is not working…

I dont think I get any error codes/symbols on my dash and when I connect my odb2 I only got an error code for my speed sensor.

If it is totally non functional from the button in the cabin, then you need to check if power is even coming to the active aero… Often when they are faulty and power comes to them, then you can force activate them via the button in the car, and the rear spoiler will usually do a “wink” and then the error comes on in the dash and the system stops working until you turn off the car and on again… If nothing of that is possible, then my suggestion is to see if there is even power coming to the system.