Harmonic Balancer Replacement

Hello all my name is:
I have a: (1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT SL )
It has the following issue: (My harmonic balancer replacment is smaller than the original that was on there, is that okay? This is what I got to replace it.

Compatible/Replacement for MITSUBISHI 92-99 3000GT/Stealth 00- Eclipse 3.0L DOHC Crank Pulley - RED

On Amazon link below



Should be all right, what % under driven is it.

I’m not entirely sure…

Just went and had a look, there are none left, you should be ok with it though, u will more than likely need shorter belts though, it will save wear on alt as wont be spinning as fast.

Awesome, thank you for checking and the heads up on the belts. I’ll soon find out when i’m done the Timing belt and water pump.

Is anyone know that smaller belt that’s compatible with this one

Not sure. Last year, I replaced one of mine with non oem 6g72 dohc crank harmonic balancer for 92 to 99 from Ninja Performance. Ninja says it meets or exceeds oem. It is the same size as oem. I would like to keep my GTs as stock as possible, with some minor exceptions.

Yeah I found a belt that works, not sure if i’m happy with it yet, I might just replace the harmonic balancer later for OEM closeness. I thought, it would of been at least reasonably close, not 1 1/2 inch difference, not sure why they wouldn’t tell me before the purchase. GRRR

I am surprised that people are still having these problems. Forgive me for getting frustrated but I spent a fortune to get the original balancers manufactured and yet people are still spending a lot more money on aftermarket ones and then complain when they have problems.
You will find both types of balancer in the Joes Gems category and they are the same as original part.


Some of us, are a glutton for punishment lol and we learn the hard way. Do you have any left and do you ship to the US? Let me know the cost for shipping too because that sucker is heavy.

And not to argue with ya Joe, but some are much cheaper around where i am like this one.

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Cheap is far from always good… Sure it is great getting a part cheap, but if the tolerances are some measurement is not identical to the original part, then one can be ready to spend alot more in other worn/damagad parts due to the one part not fitting it… now that really sucks :confounded:

You should always argue if you think I am wrong. I don’t know everything and we learn from each other.
I think the one on amazon is from the same manufacturer as mine but I am cheaper.
I have the only ones that are for v belt that are the same as original.


Okay now I understand, because mine is the new 92+ Harmonic Balancer with 2 multi ribbed Serpentine belts VS the 91 and older for the V belt that you have in your Joe’s Gems. Makes sense. and Thank you all for the help and info!

You are definitely right about shipping. It’s a bloody fortune. Because of the shipping cost being so high, I now absorb 50% of the cost for overseas customers. Shipping cost is £20 to the States. This is for v belt type. The ribbed belt version is already the cheapest I have ever seen so full shipping cost applies but would still work out less than Amazon and you will be helping to support the cost of new product development.


hello all just wanted to jump in this conversation about crank pulley/ damper/harmonic balances and the other names is comes by, may it be factory stock or aftermarket. As we all know that the majority of oem parts for our cars is hard to find such as the damper, however, is fairly easy to pick one up that is close to be an oem fit or an after market light weight pulley. I have never used an aftermarket light weight pulley and dont plan on using one in my build. Light weight pulleys contribute to serious engine issues and then we have the cheap aftermarket dampers as the Dorman that is pictured that dont last long and falls apart. Falls apart meaning the rubber that is embedded in the pulley eventually deteriorates and breaks. So if your factory damper is in great condition lucky you, but I will never use a light weight underdrive pulley on my build. Unfortunately my factory damper was damaged and went into my trash can and I decided to invest in getting a fluidamper. I was not going to take a chance in buying a cheap Chinese damper such as the Dorman for my expensive build.

Wow, yeah you are just throwing it out there, but one thing I would ask you is a link to a suggested Damper, because there are many out there and I go by Reviews, and OEM likeness, and yes i went with the light weight one and was thoroughly wrong and disappointed with it and I learned. So help me learn more by directing me to the right path of parts, because my baby has only 55k on it, and I’m about to revamp all the parts on her, mostly OEM but again, I don’t want to break her.

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Yes these cars need to be cherished if you have one in mint condition with super low miles and that which is not cut up and modified for a limited life span. I have a complete stock build but done some extra work to it that very few have thought off. I am more into endurance and longevity instead of performance and hp’s and spent almost two years in getting her done meaning the engine per se. So really did not want to use an after market cheap damper since it would be a miracle to find a brand new Mitsubishi damper. So I got the fluidamper instead from 3sx.com, and now I am happy and content that my entire rotating assembly and block is in good hands and can redline it for hours so to speak. But you can just get an oem likeness and pray that it does not come apart and if it does it shall be time for a complete engine rebuild with more $$$ to invest. A good video to watch is What You SHOULD Know About Harmonic Damper Pulleys | Harmonic Balancers 101 [TECH TALK] - YouTube, unfortunately ATI does not make it for our vehicles, but the fluidamper was a special group buy on the 3si.org forums and 3sx has it in stock, I think, they dont come cheap but worth every penny.

Thank you very much, yes I want her to last and she is in mint, per say, just needs some love, the whole reason for the new parts was all the tensioners were squealing like a pig and I haven’t done the right side face of all the outside parts, and I figured it was time, and that included the timing belt, which to me is the hardest by yourself, i needed 2 more hands and a smaller wrist, hehe. But ya long story short, I’ve been a 3000GT buff, and sometimes i’m not too proud to ask for help, because some stuff i don’t know and need it, plus if i don’t ask the people with the knowledge and the experience…who can I ask? So again thank you, I’ll look into the fluid dampener.

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Holy flipping SH*T,
700 plus shipping… with no reviews… that is a hard sell boss.
I can’t find reviews on it anywhere else either…are you sure you’re not their salesman there…hmmmm haha jk!