Harllequin's Holographic GTO MR

Well guys I finally got back into working on my GTO.
After a few things going on at home I lost all interest in doing anything with our cars.
Now however as things are settling down I find my interest has been rekindled again.
Over the last few weeks I’ve managed to get the engine all plumbed and wired back up and I’m happy to say it’s all running again.

While fiddly, the repair of the hidden damage to the rear went great. I could not be more pleased and love the fact when you tap the area now is sounds correct rather that a dull thud like it used to be.
All seam welded and ground back so minimal filler required.

Next stage was paint. I wanted to keep the black but fancied a change in tempo so I’ve gone with a holographic ultra micro flake in a base binder.
Next days off will be 2000 wet and dry followed by machine polishing.
I hate this bit but it does make a huge difference.

Here are a few select pics. I was tempted to just upload all I have but that would be like being sat in your old uncles house in the 70s with his slide projector of every pic taken on his holiday hahaha


Nicely done. Did simular repairs on my 87 firebird this year.