Hand/parking brake handle replacement

Posted in the parts wanted section not long ago that I was on the hunt for a replacement p.brake handle.

Since I got a replacement the other day I just thought I’d make a separate update on it, in case anyone isn’t aware they can be swapped.

Since I imported my MR back in 2015 I’ve had an aftermarket handle which I never really liked, but never cared sorting it out until now when the car is torn to pieces yet again.

Just as an example that they can be pulled I yanked the handle off which belongs to my -92 gto tt. Putting it in a vise and giving it a firmer pull, while twisting it back and forth a little was enough to have it come off.
(The handles I’ve pulled before had the mechanism still in the car.)

The handle I got from a friend was out of a later generation however and wasn’t quite as easy to pull. Gave it a very slight shot with the heat gun and pried a small flathead screwdriver in to break loose the glue that held it in place, and I could then pull it just as easily as the handle off my -92 gto.

The knob itself is just threaded on. To not damage it more than the age related wear, I used the tool in the background (oil filter tool with a rubber band) just to break it loose and could then unscrew it by hand.

It was then just a matter of putting it back into my -94 MR, although I skipped putting glue on it.


Nice information. I was wondering how to get that centre button out but did not want to sacrifice a good handbrake to find out.