Hand Brake Cable Wanted

Hi Folks, I live in Scotland and need a handbrake cable for my 96 GTO, any idea where the best place is to buy one? TIA Kenny

MB520802. MB520803 these are part numbers for both cables …have a search …

Have you tried your local motor factor’s or mitsubishi direct?

Rockauto has those cables in stock

Thanks for the replies. I tried my local Mitsubishi dealer only to be told the parts are no longer available. I also tried Dingbro, Europarts and TMS only to be told the parts are no longer available. Looks like I’m going to struggle getting parts.

I will look up Rockauto and see if I can order a pair.

Thanks again.

I have tried to order a pair from Rockauto, I will keep folk updated as to how the order goes. Thanks Kenny

If that fails you could try Rob at evil empire.

i have a spare pair of them from old car …but hearing this im not sure about selling them…just refurbing the rear end of car …if mine look mint i may sell them…let you know

I have ordered lots of parts for my 91 from rockauto and it has never been any issue with them… They also ship fast and are reliable

I have spoken with Rob an have ordered some parts :+1:

Thanks again for the replies.

The OEM handbrake cables are absolutely out of production from Mitsubishi. The ones from Rockauto are nothing like the original but would probably work, I have a set from them but not sure I will be using them.

Blueprint/Febi did make exact OEM replicas but they went out of production about 2yr ago, I managed to find only one side on eBay, the other side I will have to refurb an old OEM one. The trick is finding one that the brackets on are not so rusted and can be saved. I suppose if you were creative you could remake the metalwork.


I’d say a parts car would be the best option. I have a couple of spares but I’m a fair way away. You also need to dismantle the park brake so it’s actually a bit of a mission removing them. Good luck with your search

Hi Folk, handbrake cables arrived today, no idea if they will be a good fit or not and it may be couple of weeks before I can get them fitted. It did say they were made in Canada!! Thanks for the comments. Kenny

Was it the Raybestos cables you bought? I have a pair in the garage as a back up in case I can’t restore one of mine to a good standard, they look a little bit industrial with the universal clamps, wondered what yours look like?