H Connector- vacuum line from y-pipe

Hi All,

Just received my aftermarket y-pipe and intake set up. The y-pipe did not come with a replacement vacuum hose (the small one off the back of the y-pipe closer to the throttle body). The stock one was short and I ended up breaking the nipple off the plastic h-connector that the hose runs into. Any ideas where I could find a replacement or any ideas on a way to fix this one if possible? I appreciate any help!

Hi James
Welcome to the forum. I am sure that I have seen the h connectors on ebay. People use them for their fish tanks to split the air lines.

Thank you!

I’ve attached a picture of the connector. Would a normal 4 way work in your opinion? Here’s a link to one

Looks like those will do the job. You can get them in less obvious colours. They are very cheap so you don’t loose a fortune if it isn’t right.