GTO Values in Ireland

Just a note regarding values, I know this topic has come up recently, but anyway. Over here in Ireland we have (or at least had) quite a few GTO’s considering the small market and population.

You may or may not know but during the late 90’s and on into the early 2000’s all used Japanese imports to Europe passed through Dublin port. Due to a loophole in tax/importation laws Ireland was the primary import route for these cars. Ships pulled into Dublin port , unloaded their cars which then needed to be (on paper) registered as imported to Ireland before being auctioned off in lots around the city and bought primarily by UK importers and onward shipped to the UK.

As a result loads of Jap imports were bought by dealers here and so there is a healthy jdm scene in Ireland.

On to values, for years the GTO languished at the bottom of the pack for resale value due in part to our crazy road tax pricing. Based on engine size and cc a 3,000cc car would cost circa €2000 to tax for a year. Now that the GTO has turned 30yrs old a 1990/1991 example can now be taxed for €56 for a year due to its reaching classic status (30yrs+).

GTO’s are becoming much sought after and as an example I’m aware of a car (1990 TT) having been bought in the UK for €4,500 prior to Christmas (and Brexit). It was sold this week in double quick time with an asking price of €12,750. That’s some jump !

As for all the cars sold here during the jdm import boom of the late 90’s early 00’s I’d estimate 1 in 5 of the cars survive. The rest having been abused and misunderstood ending up scrapped or as parts cars hoarded in yards dotted around the country.

Advert from the Irish Independent newspaper of when the 3000GT was launched in Ireland, this would have bought a nice house then, wonder who bought it and where it ended up!


Further to your post Mate, I came across this Ad just today

Its a bargain if you ask me.


I can definitely vouch for your statement about only one in five surviving, I found my current rotting away in a car park, having sat for three years after developing rod knock. The owner wanted it gone so he sold it to me for a good price :grin: It has had a tough life, the transfer case input spool and gearbox output shaft and flywheel+clutch are all badly worn. I’m restoring it now with my Dad, so hopefully it will be another one of these cars on Irish roads soon!


Where did you get that picture of the GTOs on top of the containers?

I’m in northern Ireland but values have deffo increased considerably across the board and about time . These cars along with supras , 300zx are timeless icons and should be reflected in price. Having said all that if you really love your car you won’t want to sell no matter what its worth.

Yeah, I’m happy to see the current trend , the market now represents closer to what these cars are worth.
As stated a number of factors kept these car prices down over here including the UK being one of the cheapest places in the world to buy second hand cars but with the prices increasing there too, cars getting more scarce and Brexit , all car prices over here have jumped especially JDM. In addition to that most of the cars that are left over here are now good ones with the unloved ones , as stated, all gone to the breakers at this stage.

Ps: I’m horrified at that photo, any idea when or where?

Hi have had my 92 TT parked up for years bit of rust on her and need a few bits.
Its hard to find breaker cars here in Ireland.

Need to get my climate display module repaired