Gto un México help

Hello all my name is:Miguel Ángel
I have a: GTO 1992 NA
It has the following issue: In the instrument panel of my gto a red light appears every time I accelerate, the stamps in my gto are in Japanese and it is impossible for me to know what it says, I would appreciate if you could tell me why this light appears and how to solve it since in Mexico there is no qualified people to work these cars or it is very difficult to find one.

If you have information please send me WhatsApp +528688303949.


Catalytic converter temperature sensor, do You still have the Cat ?

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Yes men gto have the cat

Hi Miguel,

As Spiros said, that is the Catalytic converter overheating light. Does the light stay on all the time? Or does it come on after you drive after a while.

Is it on, even if the engine is cold?

Just apears when drive the car at 2k Rev or More 50 km

ok so if it only comes on when the engine is warmed up then it means Cat converter is over heating. Are you having misfire? could also be bad oxygen sensor

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Cat could be chocked or it had enough and needs replaced, first try some cleaning products like Cataclean , CRC Guaranteed to Pass Emissions cleaner etc.
Alternatively unplug from under the seat and bridge with a wire and 2 male spade connectors, light will go out

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Thanks mens have another questión could use a direct Pipe to delete the Cats ?

Yes and still have to bridge the wiring as above. You can use a De Cat pipe to replace the cat

For my TT I’ve got blueflame 3"(inch) downpipe (3") de cat and (3") pipe to where it splits.

Of course You can use a straight (custom) pipe from the downpipe to the end.


Doing a Cat delete is nice, but im not sure if it helps in this situation, if something is causing the cat to overheat. which usually is unburnt fuel.

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