GTO TT 1992 Front Stock ECS Suspension

Just upgraded to Tein coilovers, I remember Joe saying he would buy them if we ever had some going.

Just the front two, Westfields had to cut the rear out. Ride was superb, much better than the coilovers now haha! But always had them unplugged so I don’t know if ECS works or not.

If no interest they will just go in the bin,

Cheers all,


I think that all usable parts should be shipped to Joe as they can live a good life with somebody else if they can be salvaged by him


Out of curiosity is it the Tein streetflex you installed.

yes mate it is the tein street flex z

Hoping to install them also, with the electronic add ons.
I was hoping that they would be a lot better ride than the current BCs which are in the car. How are you finding them ride wise/firmness.

Hi, I’m interested in this outcome as I’m in conversation with BC due to the firmness, actually there is no “bounce” at all on my TT and it’s like having no Suspension at all!

Hi guys,

yeah when you install then make sure you pay the £30 for the mount kit unless you will have to take it all back out again. Even though i’m not after the edfc, i bought that stuff as recommended - and then its just the electronic add ons that go on top at a later date! (potentially)

in terms of firmness, i’ve never owned coilovers before, i thought my GTO was always in hard mode but never bothered to find the plugs for the ECS as I always wanted proper coilovers/lowering/setting up etc…

and then with these coilovers it rides a bit harder, i do have great peace of mind that i bought the best and of course westfields is the place to get it all done and set up. but it is just a little bit harder. what has surprised me though is the rebound bounce, so after you hit something it keeps bouncing for a sec, i hope it will all bed in and settle down. as that naturally progresses i will fiddle with the hard/soft settings on the hats and keep you guys updated.

actually I have no idea what settings they put it on, but i have some recommended settings to use, so i’ll update here. suspensions is a very personal thing isnt it

for me it was more of a look thing i was chasing so ride doesn’t bother me too much

(by the way of course Joe, true to his word is offering to buy the old struts!)

I will also be selling a full set of 92 GTO TT ECS suspension with new Tein lowering springs and Tein adjustable top mounts.

I just need to clean up, sort out the top bolts and I will list them here too.

How much mate?

Thank you

Hi how much do you want them for?

Sorry chaps, I have them in my grubby hands…… Coil Overs will probably be for sale …….eventually!

How much would you be after for them please buddy?

Hi, sorry at the moment I have more important jobs to do. I will swap them over eventually and I’ll put on here when they are available. Sorry!

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