Gto rebuild/donor car

Hey guys, my name is Dan from Montreal Canada. My brother and I are currently rebuilding and swapping parts from a totalled 91 gto Vr4 to his new 91 gto Vr4 and i thought i would share the process!!! Last fall in november one week before my brother was going to store his car he was leaving my house at around 12am and i got a call 5mins after that he had got in a accident, thankfully my brother was fine and had just a little bruise from the airbag but the car was totalled. Somebody had hit him drove away. A few months go by and i came across this gto that was fairly mint but just needed a little love for a ridiculously cheap amount of money, so I called my brother right away he bought it on the spot, the rest is history. The car has been at my place for about 4 days now so ill share some pictures of what we did so far!!

Thanks everyone, and thank you Joe for those great videos, it wouldnt have been this easy without your guidance!!



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Thanks for sharing. I love to see people putting in the time to keep these cars on the road.


I looooooooooove those wheels :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: but I cannot understand how they can be on there and clear the brake calibers :face_with_monocle:


They barely fit, the car needs a 1/4” spacer to fit the wheels better!! And yea those wheels are quite special, you do not see those often!sorry for the late response i was only aloud 14 comments on my first day as a member!!

Thanks Joe, we are trying our best to get this GTO back up and running smooth, we just changed the PTU cause his engine in the new car was misfiring and with the information in the last video you shared about the PTU and misfiring we figured we would start with that.

I also imagined that there had to be spacers on the car for those to fit… Those brake calipers are darnit pesky regarding wheels that can fit on these cars

Yea the option are very limited, i think as long as you use spacers it should be an issue. The rears have lots of clearance, the calipers dont look as big as the front!!