GTO engine for sale

I have a surplus engine for sale. It is from a GTO non turbo. It is clean and in excellent running order. It does not come with intake manifold or ancillaries but we can do a deal if you need them. This is the newer type engine with the cam and crank sensors on the cam belt side of the engine. I am looking for £400 and you collect.
Send me a PM by clicking on my icon and then on message if you are interested.


Hi Joe,

Just wondering if you have some OEM GTO window rain guards.

Hi Joe

Do you still have this engine available?

Many thanks

Yes mate. I have a couple of them now.

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do you have a gen 1 vr4 engine that could be shipped to the states?

No mate. Just the gto non turbo

any guidance to getting a new crankshaft?

Never had to buy one. They can be machined like new.

You can get a new forged crank from Mitsubishi directly part number MD318150. I got one last year although the price does hurt!

They are the same for the 2 bolt and 4 bolt engines and for DOHC N/A and TT.

I don’t know about the SOHC engine as this isn’t available outside the US and possibly China.


I got mine from Rockauto. It does not hurt so much. 300usd + ship + import tax (vs 1150 from japan). Also got it machined once because of oil starvation (like said - it looks like new after that).

Hi, i have an engine which requires a rebuild but could ship depending on the price. Drop me a message if you’re interested