GTO 1991 fog lights

Dear all,

First of all Happy New Year.

I am new in this group.

I am looking for a set of fog lights for my
91 Gto.


Did you ask santa? :joy:
These are extremely rare in the UK and even rarer in good condition.
I did a video on how to restore the old ones if you still have them.

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It looks like they are available at amayama, but they are friggin expensive :face_with_peeking_eye:

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What is amayama? i am also looking for a set

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Amayama is a parts supplier situated in Japan … They have an incredible amount of spare parts, but it aint cheap purchasing from there, but they have those really hard to accquire stuff.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Good morning Joe

I have after market ones. That is why I am looking for a set of original fog lights.

If you come across a pair please let me know.

Having said that. I am in the process of taking out the engine for a kind of overhaul. The main reason is that i need to change the 2nd gear syncromesh so while the engine is out i will have a new water pump, timing belt and tensioners replaced, upper gaskets replaced plus i need the front wheels hubs or bearings replaced. I am also looking for an uprated down and the pipe to remove the catalytic convertor.

Do you suggest anyone from whom i can buy the parts from?


In a few days time, my parts website will be available to forum members. It may be worth checking on there for what you need. I never recommend any particular supplier because everyone has a different experience with who they buy from. I would only suggest that you buy from someone who has knowledge of the cars rather than general parts suppliers. In the UK we have mitsubishi direct, evil empire plus a couple of others.


Yes i just looked it up way to pricey! you would think they are selling parts for a super car! :crazy_face:

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