Greetings from Germany

Hi everyone,

this is one of my 2 GT’s:

VR4 Spyder imported from USA in 2016.



Wow Looking good! Seen very few original convertibles!

Excellent looks tidy too :+1:

Welcome, very nice!! :sunglasses:

Fantastic. Wow. I’m so jealous. Welcome to the forum.

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Great car! congratulations

Welcome mate
Beautiful car

Welcome .Great looking motor, not many of those about.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Lovely car! Welcome!

Looks fab mate. Wish mine was convertible when the sun shines because my air con pipes have more holes than Steptoe’s socks.

Well - open roof in summer is not really “cool” :slight_smile:

Lovely!!! I want a convertible version!!!

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Welcome, very nice!!

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