Greetings from Germany 2021

  • '93 Mitsubishi 3000GT :beginner::jp:
  • EU Version Gen1
  • 286 Hp / 75.000km
  • Germany NRW


Hi Arthur! Welcome! Nice car! I have the same car, same year, same color but it is from USA :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting the pictures Arthur. The car looks great.

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New LED headlights. Plug&Play for Gen1


Any chance you could post some details of those lights Arthur. I don’t like doing mods to these cars but I think a lot of people would be interested in those.

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Sure. I’ll send you a message.

Really nice car you have there Arthur. Very clean! Random question, do those LED headlights have to be TUV approved? Just curious how things work over there.

Hi Joe. I know what you mean. I also just went with the LED headlights because they are plug and play and I can always put my old ones back in. Then it is still important that they are legal. The owner of the company is also a 3000GT owner and he is in our German forum. Here is the website.


How much are those lights?? I cannot find heads and tails around that site, so more easy just to ask here :grin:

Hi, Matt. The headlights are ece approved.

Hi, johanthomsen. The Plug&Play cost 550,- €. Or you buy universal headlights on ebay or Amazon und the Adapterplate from dda.

Hi @Arthur , very interesting upgrade, do you know if they are suitable for right hand drive cars.?

Hi. Ebda. I don’t know. Sorry

Wooow. Nice. Can you Tell me please where did you get from led lights? Thank you. Artur

Here is the website.

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