Good garage needed for repair

Hi all

My car has been stuck at a garage now for 8 months and they don’t seem to have touched it which is so frustrating, does anyone know a good trustworthy garage that can work on our cars
I’m in South Birmingham

Many thanks


What is the problem Darren?

Hi Joe

I was driving on the dual carriageway and the engine just cut off and it just won’t start now

Many thanks

And it has taken them 8 months to solve it?
That is shocking but unfortunately quite common.
Let me know if you don’t find anyone and I will see if I can help you out.

It’s totally crazy isn’t it
Thank you Joe I’ll keep you posted
Many thanks

Could be a blessing in disguise. With my '93 TT - it’s been my experience that most shops hate working on these cars. They’ll leave parts out, not torque bolts. Basically putting my life on the line. When I first got mine it seemed really complicated. Over the years I got comfortable doing my own work. Now I won’t let a shop touch it. They’re complex (for the time) but high quality and well made. Good luck!