General update on Youtube and forum

Hi Everyone
I just wanted to take a few moments to update you all on the youtube channel. Thank you all for joining this forum. It’s purpose is for me to keep up to date with you all about the channel and for regular watchers to stay in touch with each other. I have noticed that some of you have started to form friendships and meet up in your own country. This is really good news as it helps us all to help each other. There are many great forums out there. Some of them have been going for many years and have a huge following with a wealth of combined knowledge so if you are a member of one of these forums, please pass on that information in the relevant category on here.
Some of you would have noticed that the videos have slowed up over the last month. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am over run with work. I work 7 days a week and up to 18 hours a day in 3 separate jobs. This makes video time very difficult given that each video requires 2 people to be available at the same time and takes between 6 and 20 hours to prep, film, edit, render and upload. The camera man and tech person (Mitch) also works in high level cyber security and has to be on call to deal with emergencies.
In addition to this, I have had a problem with trolls from another forum, The weather is starting to turn bad, my house has been flooded on 2 levels and the missus has had enough of cars and parts all over the house and garden.

Both Mitch and myself have taken some time from work in this coming week and there are plans to catch up with some of the video back log. If you have requested a video on this forum, it has not been forgotten and by doing the request here, it will remain visible until completed. There is presently a back log of more than 100 video requests and some of the bigger ones will now have to wait until the weather improves so please be patient.

A number of you have contacted me about the Joes Gems section being removed. I have had to do this for a number of reasons.
I would first like to clear up any misunderstanding that some of you have. I am not a business. The parts that I sell on Joes gems are where I have had to buy volume in order to get good discounts and any surplus parts are sold on to you at my discounted cost price. I also sell on any additional parts that I have had made to help out the rest of the community. The money from these sales, goes to charity if you have paid by paypal.
I am struggling to find the time to pack items for shipping at the moment so I would rather not keep people waiting. I have also sold out of many of the parts that I had a surplus of. The category will return as soon as I have time to refresh it and can meet same day shipping time.
You are welcome to send me a private message if you wanted something from this category and you don’t mind a delay in postage. If I still have it, I will do my best to help you.
Finally. Could I remind everyone that I do the youtube channel and forum for free. I do not receive any funding, sponsorship or endorsements. Everything is paid for out of my own pocket. All I ask from people is a little bit of politeness. There have been a number of messages left on youtube saying “do a video on how to ???”
No name, hello, please or thank you. Maybe I’m getting old or from a different generation that believed that a little politeness was important. Is this the way people get things done now or are they just rude? Either way, I won’t reply.

Happy Halloween


H I Joe most of us do see the tremendous effort you’ve made originating purely from passion and your wanting to share your knowledge. You have all the reasons to take time to work on life issues and no one who understands has any reason to make negative remarks. We are blessed to have any videos from you. Thanks to you and Mitch for all the great effort.


100% support you Joe and remember this is hobby, and hobby should never come infront of the things necessary to do … Us that have followed you from the first video are very grateful for the time that you have set aside for us and I personally can say that your help has been priceless for me…

Keep up the good work and best wishes here from the islands


Joe its unbelievable that anyone should think something negative with regards to your contribution to help the 3K community let alone actually voice it to you directly or indirectly, I am sure that any Normal human being would be grateful for what you do and be polite and courteous in any communication.

There are times when I despair at the attitude of some individuals, please do not become despondent as I assure you that the vast majority are very grateful.

Very Best Regards



Hi Joe90, thanks again for all the effort that you put into the whole project, which is purely for the benefit of those who share a similar passion. Unfortunately you are a victim of your own success ie the quality videos you produce for the hobbyist are in demand. I would strongly suggest you pace yourself on the videos (maybe one video a month) as it would become a crying shame if they became a chore for you rather than a passion. Don’t burn yourself out. You could turn off comments on the videos for a short while on youtube until you get yourself caught up ,and the trolls might get bored sooner rather than later. It is clear the vast majority support and appreciate your efforts so take some credit and a pat on the back. Best of luck and steady away.


Very appreciative of all the kindness and knowledge that have come from this forum and the YT videos you work so hard ok Joe and Mitch. I know its hard when the trolls come looking to start trouble. Its unfortunate that people get pleasure from creating displeasure in others. Its easy to see the bad even when there is so much good. But I know most people here are good people and have good intentions. I know there are other forums and places to get 3000GT/GTO info, but this place is really something special. And I am most thankful to be part of it. We all have lots going on in our lives for sure. I find the older I get, I realize how important it is to have balance for the sake of keeping our mental health in check. Too much of anything can be bad in the long run, so taking breaks is super important. I know I don’t expect, and don’t want you to over so it. Every video is so much appreciated and all of the extra parts you find for all of is a mega bonus! Keep up the amazing work but don’t be afraid to take breaks in between. We are still all here and ready to support each other when needed :slight_smile:


Hi Joe, I agree with all of the sentiments written above by all who really appreciate and acknowledge the time and effort that you have made to make all of those videos, (not forgetting Midge). Take the time you need, its very important to find balance. Avoid the negative people in your life and stay positive. We really do appreciate your passion for our cars.


Big thanks Joe for all that you are doing for this forum, we do appreciate all that you do. Have a well earned break.


Thanks Joe and team for all your effort with the videos, sales and the forum. Massive appreciation and respect for you!


Always a pleasure watching your videos Joe! I think the vast majority of us are very grateful.


Don’t let the trolls get to you joe, your videos have been a huge help, plus on a personal note you have been nothing but helpful with both my car and the stealth. Also the exhaust is great thank you


Those exhaust tips fit so nicely. Very cool!


Hi Joe
New member
Had the pleasure of meeting you a few years ago at your house,good to see your enthusiasm is as strong as ever
Enjoying the videos keep up the good work


Hi Fletch
Nice to hear from you. Thanks for joining the forum. Hope to hear more from you.

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Three new videos have been completed this week.
They are cam cover gasket replacement, rear wheel bearing replacement for AWD vehicles and cam lifter replacement.
The videos will be made available to the patreon supporters first and will go live to the rest of the forum members and YouTube subscribers a week later.
I hope you enjoy them and thank you for the continued support.


Hey joe, I really appreciate everything you do regarding these cars. I purchased mine not having any idea about it, just like the shape and it was selling for a reasonable price. I’ve been working on mine as a project and everything I have learned is from your videos. I’m jeff we have communicated as well, I’m from fort Lauderdale Florida I got the snake eyes from you. I hope to meet some owners from fort Lauderdale so we can work together and share ideas. Thanks much mate.