Gen 1 stealth parts, who needs what?

There is a 1st gen Stealth R/T T/T that I found in a salvage yard a ways away from me(wish it was closer to my house, but none of my local salvage yards have any stealth or 3000gt’s). Missing the front drivers fender, and rear hatch, so the interior is pretty messy. Who needs stealth parts, and what are you looking for. The engine, drivetrain, brakes, exhaust and ECS suspension are all unavailable, but still plenty of usable stealth parts there.

Does the CD player work?

No idea, but I can hook up a jump box next time I’m there and see if it does anything.

Fog lights are still available? :slight_smile:
I deffinately need replacement fog lights!

Maybe I am interested in the oil cooler as well, but lights would be important.

I will check out the fog lights this weekend and see if they’re still good.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

My ligts are broken, at least one of them, so anything even in bad condition should be better than none. More to that: Joe just posted about how to reach the original-like condition of the lights again, so… :slight_smile:

What country are you in?


Sadly here a Stealth or a 3kGT is a rare one as a white crow, so can’t really find parts if those are neccessary, Hungarians usually need to find kind people who have the willingness to ship goods overseas, or through many countries. Shipping costs are considerably high costs because of that, but it must be calculated with for us.

I may well travel through Hungary on my way back from Ukraine in a couple of weeks. Is there anything I can bring you from the UK?

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I would need a turbo fuel pump and fog lights for sure, and I would be more than happy if I would be able to meet you in person Joe, even if its for a few minutes or if you would be our guest for a night/lunch/resting spot in your way! :slight_smile:

What kind of shape

What condition is the bumper in? Did it get damaged when the fender was removed?

I also need some parts from the headlights, I could use some spare motors for later for the pop-up headlights and harness.

Look forward your response.

I have the fuel pumps but no chance of fog lights.

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Then fuel pump it is! :slight_smile: …or factory door sound speakers maybe if you have those.

Edit: Now as I am thinking and just as I saw the video of the foglight refurbishment, I think I would need the rubber/ish sealant material between the glass and the composite back cover parts also if I will be able to get the lights somedays.

@ KC-3000GT :
Many thanks, I hope those foglights will be available from you, Ill accept any condition which are repairable somehow. If the glass itself isnt broken, then its fine for me, the other parts can be fixed later I think.

I went last weekend, but the salvage yard was closed. I will be trying again this weekend to see the status of the parts.

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@KC-3000GT , if there is a right/passanger side (at US / EU) mirror (glass itself only without cover), I would take that also.

Heh. I literally just bought an entire driver’s mirror off eBay for just the glass. No one makes aftermarket heated mirror glass for these.

If your mirror glass is not heated there are aftermarket options at least.

Once again, no luck this weekend. Apparently they are short staffed and unable to stay open every day. Will try again next week.

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