Gen 1 capacitors

Hi everyone, i just want your opinion if it is better to change capacitors in ECU before they damage the board or if there is no fault s leave everything as is. Also my tacho is not smooth capacitors might be the problem?

The rev counter works through the ptu so maybe ptu on its way out

I already bought one but i didn’t change. I wanted to be sure before changing ptu.

Worth a try to put in the new ptu as you’ve already got it anyway but my money are on the caps on the tach’s pcb

Had same dead tach (though I saw it dying slowly on me) so went straight to changnig caps and it’s good as new.

Truth is… sooner or later but inevitably you’ll have to deal with the caps :slight_smile:

Yes its true, so its better to prevent, the only thing idont like to open the ecu.

Your tachometer issues are most likely due to capacitors on the tach. A problem at the PTU would most likely either lead to a completely non-working tachometer (if tach output is completely failed on PTU), or one that reads exactly 1/3rd low (if somehow one of the 3 ignition circuits is failed in a way that it doesn’t trigger the tach output, but still ignites the spark plugs).

And I vote for a preventative ECU rebuild. It’s such a common problem, and a preventative repair could be cheaper and more reliable than a repair after damage.

I do as you say, prevention is better than cure, sure the first chance i have i take the ecu to my electrician. Is there any other things to change when the ecu is open like some transistors or diodes?

The servicing company will replace every thing on the circuit board that is part it’s service life.

I don’t know if there are any ecu specialist here in malta, i need to check.