Gearbox repair cost

Could anybody please tell me the cost of fixing my Manual TT gearbox, in UK.
I have only had the car less than a month
and it already crunches in 2nd & 3rd.
I hope that it doesn’t become a money pit.

Difficult to say without removing the gearbox and inspecting it. Have you checked the fluid level or changed it since you got the car? If not I would start there first. Failing that its probably going to need removing and rebuilt as necessary. It wont be cheap.

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So you the guy who beat me to this car, called the dealer and was told someone was coming down to see the car then half hour later messaged me and said it was sold. Guess that’s the risk we take buying cars this old. But look at it this way they are real nice cars and increasing in value, don’t let this put you down could have happen to anyone. Take the hit and repair the fault or do the 6 speed gearbox conversion instead of repairing the gearbox at less it would be more reliable. think of it as an opportunity to upgrade and make this lovely beast even better.

So if it’s still doing this after an oil refresh etc… it could be just the synchros which are available gearboxman in the UK has rebuilt a few of these boxes over the years so give them a call

I think the 2nd gear synchro is on its way out in my 6 speed. I was worried about parts availability so started looking around and found a few suppliers in the US that seem to have them available. There may well be parts available in the UK/Europe/Japan too, I don’t know. Thanks @3KGT for the tip about gearboxman, good to know there’s someone who’s worked on these boxes before.

I bought another car with good gearbox as cheaper than have my 6sp box repaired …plus I got lots more parts to swap around …I do know that some of the gearbox parts are not around as I looked every where .

I wonder how much a 6 speed gearbox cost &

I think it’s just old age.
29yr old gearbox.
it’s wear and tears now. Gotta change up slowly now.
it’s okay in 4th & 5th and when I change down.
it’s time to be very gentle.