Gearbox problem

Hi everyone, I have been having some problems with my 6speed transmission in as reverse pops out quite often and its getting to a point where I need to do something about it. My question is have any of the members on here experienced this and if so what was found to be the problem and course of action to repair? All forward gears are fine other than the normal sticky 2nd gear issue that a lot of these cars have. Thanks.

Mine was caused by the linkage hitting the cooler pipes in the engine bay . Also fitted the gear linkage upgrade from Evil empire which had brass bushes instead of plastic.
You should be able to see where it hits the pipes and move them sufficiently to stop it.

Unfortunately I’ve checked that already and its clearing those pipes no problem. Think its internal.

Paul Wright sold a good 6 speed box few days ago, and he knows these stuff !

Yeah I was to slow Spiros, saw it first day think it was gone the next. Talking to Rob of the empire today and he’s checking out parts availability for what he thinks I need. Gearbox parts are going to be a real problem for our cars as time goes on.

Yes, hopefully Rob will come up with something !

Probably be on the lookout for a 6speed box as well just in case.

Did you ever find a resolution to this? Mine is doing the same thing. I haven’t checked the linkage yet though. Thanks.

Not yet, but as I only use the car on dry summer days I’ve been able to cope with it. However I simply have to get it sorted this autumn. I would think the problem is internal and will require some parts. I think r venge on your side of the pond is turning out parts for these transmissions.

Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping that it’s being blocked, I’ll have to check it out. Until then, I’ll continue to park strategically.

I’ve become an expert at that😂