Gauge Cluster Repair/Modification

Hello Joe,

My name is Bashar from Dubai, United Arab Emirates,

I was wondering if you can do a video on how to dismantle and put together the gauge cluster (Speedometer/Tachometer/Fuel Gauge).

The reason I’m requesting this is because I have a USDM car but we use Km/H instead of MPH here in U.A.E (so Im planning to replace the gauge faces from MPH to Km/H), as well as, the lights are starting to go out on my gauge cluster.

Thank you,
Dr. Bashar Saad.

It is simple enough, a few clips along the perimeter of the cluster and the clear plastic and a black plastic piece comes off the front.
From memory the speedo and tacho have four screws holding them in which are unscrewed from the back, and then they lift out of the cluster.
To remove the gauge faces pull the needle off and undo the two very small screws either side and off it comes.
When sticking the needle back on turn the ignition on so that the needle positions at zero and stick it back on.

Thank you for the last part, it was exactly what was stopping me, getting the needles back on and having them read correctly.

So to recap:
1- Finish all the work.
2- Stick cluster back into the car.
3- Start the car.
4- Push needles back into the cluster. (will it be notched or something so that it goes back in correctly? Or am I eyeballing it?).

And ofcourse this would apply to Speedo/Tacho and fuel gauge, correct?

Never touched the fuel gauge myself to be honest
No there is no notch or keyway on the needle spindle shaft thing, dont start the engine as you dont know the idle speed just put the key to position 2 with the engine off so that you know the RPM should be reading 0, and stick the needle on at 0.
You can’t place the needles back with the ignition off as the gauges rest much lower than 0 without power.


Great information, I’ll keep that in mind when it’s finally time for me to put everything back together.
I had my cluster completely apart during last year. Thanks

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