Fuses car wont fire

Hi Guys

Car ran perfectly now wont fire. What to suggest?

Call the AA man who went through fuel electrics and no fuel or spark.

A cure to try which he finally got too after checking all the floor pan fuses and from left to right of engine bay fuse box .

IT was 20 amp yellow one on last right position of engine bay and she roared back into life. Last time it was 15 amp blue one in footwell.

Really useful addition to tool kit has to be long nose pliers and spare fuses.

Very basic but might be a n easy problem ,always easy stuff first but at least AA guy gave electrical.fuel system good going over lol
I have a: (GTO, 3000GT, STEALTH / SL, MR, VR4, TT)
It has the following issue: (be sure to describe it as best as you can. Remember to also tell us what you have tried so far)



HELP >>>Nuts spoke too soon . Broke down again today at zebra crossing, and really hate pushing the old girl , but everyone helped in fairness.

AA out again and now the yellow fuse just keeps blowing when you turn on ignition so towed to electrician.

The fuse is the ECI fuse and it tests like a dead short so anyone had this problem the only difference since running smoothly was taking out the A/C con and radio and putting them back in after repair?

All suggestions welcome.

I had similar problem with my 91 Gto TT. Every time I turned the ignition on the fuse blow. The reason was a shortcut with lambda sensor wires. The rubber plug had fallen off from the floorpanel and wires were rubbing on sharp metal edge and causing a short circuit.

Thanks Timo , electrics guy 100% it’s a dead short. Will try there after engine bay . Will let all know when we find it.

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From my understanding a dead short is the same thing as a short circuit just a different turn of phrase- ultimately the live wire is touching something it shouldn’t possibly the earth or anything metal in the car. Good luck :+1:

You’re right Keith’s my era and swears by his multimeter not OB1/11 diagnostic . Typical GTO owner now (both in Garage lol ) at least other’s only respray. Will celebrate end of lockdown with walk down the seafront for the inaugural pint next monday.

Found it . The repaired bump had knocked o/s exhaust and loosed it (happened Oct last year) and huge speed bump on entrance to respray unit estate which I know I really hit hard on exhaust.

Broke Lamda sensor so if anyone has spare ? Advertised but not in stock so will keep looking

Its the one in front of Cat