Full respray of my GTO

Hi forum members and of course Joe I just wanted to send some pics of my Monza Red respray on my 1990 GTO. I’m taking my time as I’m learning to spray as I go, I’ve switched from acrylic paint to 2pack and will never go back haha


2 pak is fantastic but unfortunately it is now banned in most countries. Please make sure that you wear proper protective breathing equipment because this stuff contains cyanide and it will glue your lungs up.
The paint job looks great.

It looks very nice !

looks very nice and professional
Quick question can you tell me ruffle how much primer, color and lecker you needed to get
I am thinking to do a respray my self as well but i don’t know how much materials i need to get
regards Michal

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Unless you are sanding down to bare metal, you shouldn’t need primer because your car already has it. Always try to respray using the same paint format as original. Some early models were done with 2K, also known as 2 pak or 2 pack. It is a much more durable paint but it is now banned in most countries. In the UK, you can still buy it if it is for a classic vehicle, a tractor or motorcycle. About 1l should be enough if you don’t put it on to thick. Don’t forget that you will need to add hardener and thinners so the actual volume of paint will be more.
If you are using base coat and clear coat, you will need about 1l base and a little over a liter of clear coat if you want a deep shine.
I will be spraying a car in about 2 weeks for a video. You can pick up a few tips from the video if you need help.


I always thought it is going to be something like 5 liters to spray the whole car
Unfortunately the problem i got i will have to use high build primer on the hol car because it has a lot of imperfections that someone ignoresd when it was resprayed previously (BUDGET RESPRAY) and not only the lacquer is coming off the color is coming off a lot of places
On a lot of panels i need to go almost to the factory primer to get as best job as i can

Keep up the good work,looking good.

This is on my list of jobs to do but that will be further down the line. I know someone with a paint booth so I’m hoping that I can borrow the booth and do most the work but get the help of the sprayer to get a perfect finish.

Yours is looking great!!

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Hi mate I’m using 2pack and a full respray would be 3- 4 litres of colour and 2 a 3 litres of primer. 2pack covers way way better then acrylic, I’ve tried both and no going back now


Thanks for the advice Craig
Booth 2 pack paint today and got exactly the same advice in the paint shop that 2 pack covers a lot better and that 4 liters should be enough to spray the whole car

That looks good , hope you get the finish you want :+1:

Holy momma!!! Spray Paint has cyanide and can glue the lungs up?!? I’m never painting ever again… I’ll pay professionals to do it when I need it. Thanks for the info Sir… you just saved some lives without knowing it. When I was a kid, I spray painted my car and didn’t wear any mask because I had no idea it could be dangerous.

Would you do a short public service announcement video of some of the things you won’t do and why? Like This spray painting and the AC system? Being a DIY video series for the common man, it would be beneficial for the common man to know why even a master mechanic will defer some jobs to specialists. Thanks again joe.

Could you show us a before picture as well? A before and after. It’s always so satisfying to see the fruits of people’s labors from whence they came!

Just to be clear. I am no master mechanic. I know what I know through watching, reading, training, understanding, necessity and a passion for these cars. Not all paints have cyanide but any paint can be harmful if you don’t take the right precautions. I do all my own paint work but I will only be giving tips on do’s and don’t because I am not a specialist in this field. Please enjoy the videos as a guide for the man at home. Please don’t see them as specialist advice. Thanks for your support.