Full engine builds

Greetings all, I understand that Joe has dedicated this site to restoration projects of our infamous JDM GTO cars and I would presume that a complete engine build from scratch would recognizably fall into the same category, but forgive me for saying this, that I do not see any discussions on this forum, pics, videos ( apart for mine ) on a complete professional DYI 6G72TT engine disassembly and assembly. Most I see is discussions of cosmetics and electrical and simple engine maintenance work. Just curious to know if there are members out there ( Europe or UK ) that have actually done a complete engine rebuild by themselves and not by a shop? I would say the heart of this car is it powerful v-6 short block and not all the fancy cosmetics and would love to see more pics, videos or discussions on engine rebuilding procedures may it be a stock setup or something a bit more fancy.

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Im not sure for anyone on this forum but a guy on youtube I follow recently rebuild his engine. Though the videos are not as in depth as joe’s videos.

Joe has always stated that he wants his video´s to be available for the mechanic at home to do, and I am not sure a full engine rebuild falls into that catagory :slight_smile:

But it is always a good thing if people feel brave and dive into a project like that, but it aint some small overnight thing to complete :slight_smile:

I pulled my engine and transaxle; had my Short Block Over Bored & Honed; Assemble & Balance; and, Heads Performance Rebuilt, by Britco Racing Engines, then mated the short block and heads and placed all back in the the GT.


There are some good videos on YouTube. Here’s a sample… Mitsubishi 3000GT engine reassembly - YouTube

Although I had not planned to cover this in a video, I will be doing engine removal when the warm weather returns. I have a couple of engines waiting for rebuild so I may do something then. I never recommend stripping an engine unless there is a genuine reason to do so and it is not for the faint hearted.


Hello Joe, hope all is well with you and family. Yes it would be nice to see videos on engine disassembly and assembly done. I dont believe it is that hard to do if you are keeping it factory stock.

Great work but I do have a question, how much work has been done by you and you alone and not by a shop

Well they way i look at it if this website is dedicated to the entire whole vehicle and not just cosmetics then I do believe that the engine should not be disregarded since it is what drives the thing in the first place. Anyone can be a mechanic if he or she posses the basic knowledge in automotive engineering and has the determination and passion to dive into such a project and simply not a question of being “brave”. And no one has mentioned that is it a simple project that can be completed “overnight”. BTW if you are not aware of this and i am not sure about Europe or UK, but there are not many specialized shops that deal with these classic JDM cars when it comes it a complete engine rebuild from scratch and if there was you can just imagine the price for such a project. I would like to know what would be an average price for a shop in the UK that can remove the entire engine ( NA and TT models ), rebuild it as defined as checking every single engine component by the book and replacing it if necessary?

Yes A bowen is a friend of mine and there are tons of videos on mods being done to this engine and very few are done for a complete stock set up and I do believe this site Joe has made is for stock set ups and not mods.

Yes he has done an amazing job no doubt of whatever he has done BY HIMSELF , but I am looking for stock set ups and not mods and there are tons of videos dating back when YT was created on mods being done to this engine is increase HP. and as I have replied to another member this site Joe has created and I do believe is for stock set ups.

One member asked, “How much work has been done by you and you alone and not by a shop”?

I pulled the engine and transaxle; separated the engine and transaxle. Then separated the heads from block, disassembled all internal block components.

Transported block, OEM forged crank, OEM rods, and heads to Britco Racing Engines. Also purchased and then transported to Britco: Wisco 91.5 mm pistons, MD997670 complete OEM gasket turbo set, 6G72 OEM DOHC Cap and Seal Kit 91-92, Non OEM block/freeze plug set, OEM complete bearing set, et cetera.

Britco: recondition and R&R pistons; hot tank pack, bore and hone, deck, torque plate, polish crank, balance assembly, assemble shortblock, and rebuild heads.

I transported the short block and heads home.

I also had my 9B turbos rebuilt into 13Ts by Real Performance.

I mated short block, heads and all parts that are attached to these and placed the completed long block and transaxle back into the GT. I have done most of the restoration of labor and installing parts myself.

Wish that guy didn’t ruin the video with the disgusting “music”… could only take 20 seconds of it….

Good work done as a DIY but forgive me saying this, just pulling out an engine and taring it apart does not qualify the percentage of work done as a DIY compared to someone that has literally invested in machines and special tools for a complete factory or even a custom build done at his home with the same level of work as it is done by a professional performance engine builder at a shop.

I know that a member on out NZ group had her engine overhauled and she may have mentioned in the vicinity of $8k NZ. That may even be a little conservative.

Hi thanks for sharing, that is precisely my point, some of us do not have the luxury of funds to spend on a complete Mitsubishi GTO restoration which includes a complete factory stock engine rebuild from scratch and then again very few shops here in the US would consider a full stock rebuild but the cost would be a price of a 3 bedroom house on a lake front. I started with nothing, knowledge, money, tools, or a garage, but I had the passion and determination and did it myself with no help from anyone but the bible ( factory shop manual ) and a few youtube clips. Now I can probably pop the hood, pull the engine, clean it, rebuild it with fresh oem parts, thats if there is no significant damage to the block and heads and put it all back together again and it will look and smell as if it just came of the factory assembly line for way less then $8000NZD that is what I did to my engine except for ceramic coating as you can see on my youtube channel TAHOEMK1.