Fuel system on my 92TT

Greetings to All, hope all you guys and gals are doing great. Finally its summer!!!
Just made a video on my fuel system. Priming, checking for leaks and injector operation, all in one. We all experience fuel system issues and a clogged open or clogged shut injector is hard to diagnose without removing the entire fuel rail and doing a full injector test. In this video I have basically overhauled the entire fuel system and adding a few new parts. Fuel pump, fuel filter, AN lines, FPR and fuel gauge. I had to empty the entire gas tank that had almost 10 gallons of fuel that I took back in 2017 before a complete engine overhaul. The stock injectors were refurbished and calibrated at a shop but I still wanted to do the necessary checks to make sure they were all in specs. The correct resistance and spray pattern and most of all not leaking. I detected two very small leaks at the lines and I would not know this if everything was installed and I cranked up the engine just to smell gas. Hope this video helps those that are going to overhaul their fuel system.